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F***-it list

Today a friend posted on Facebook that he hated the term “bucket list” and wished people would stop using it. I replied that I had a “f***-it list” and that it was full of things I will never do. I … Continue reading

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Happy St. Pat’s Day!

There once was a girl from Cali She wasn’t a bit Irish, not even a wee Then she moved to a town called Cary, NC Where the streets are all named Kildaire, Kilmayne and Killarney Happy St. Pat’s Day to … Continue reading

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Life imitates art, er SNL

(Originally posted July 2008) Sometime in the mid-’90s Nicolas Cage was in a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live. He and Julia Sweeney played a couple trying to think of names for their soon-to-arrive baby. They wanted to be sure … Continue reading

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Vanity plates update

(Originally posted January 2008) Today I saw what might be the worst vanity plate ever: I<heart>2ICK8 Yes, that’s “I heart to ickate”. Or “I heart to ick 8”. I had to read the license plate frame to find out that … Continue reading

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Funny the things we remember

(Originally published December 2007) When I was in college in San Luis Obispo, there was a store downtown called Audio Ecstasy. They were¬†known for having funny commercials and interesting window themes. Oh, and probably for their audio equipment as well. … Continue reading

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One of the reasons I like having cats

(Originally posted December 2007) I get to take pictures like this…

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(Originally posted December 2007) I just saw the weirdest thing: A UPS truck pulling a U-Haul trailer. Maybe they’re trying to cut down on trips, and thus on gas.

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