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The day I became MomGyver

One day last October in the Nashville Airport, I became MomGyver. Yes, I had a little help from Mr. Dyson, but he was merely a cog in my machine. Near the end of a three-hour layover on our way to … Continue reading

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A boy and his rain…

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Max caught a ball!

Now, this might not sound like big news, but, trust me, it is. While delayed, his motor skills are pretty good in some areas. He has no trouble hitting a ball off a tee or making a basket. He mouses … Continue reading

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A premonition?

When I was a teenager, Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel had a daughter and named her Alexa Rae. I LOVED the name and decided that if I ever had a girl, that would be her name. Thankfully, when the time … Continue reading

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Max the director busts out a sentence

Today Max busted out what I believe to be his very first unprompted four-word sentence: “I wha oo kay.” Which translates to “I want you (to) rake.” We were working in the yard ¬†and he kept saying “kay,” which means … Continue reading

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Meet the new talker…

It’s just like the old talker, just green. And it’s ours!

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Max’s talker… it was a long and winding road, but worth the trip

Our son, Max, needs a device to help him communicate. Since Max has apraxia, he has trouble forming words, and since he has fine motor difficulties, he uses some sign language, but he has trouble forming intricate signs. He has … Continue reading

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