Max caught a ball!

Now, this might not sound like big news, but, trust me, it is.

While delayed, his motor skills are pretty good in some areas. He has no trouble hitting a ball off a tee or making a basket. He mouses like a pro. He can carry several things at once. He can work a spray bottle. But, the hand-eye coordination needed to catch a ball has eluded him. Last night, I tossed one of his favorite balls to him – it is maybe 6″ in diameter – and he caught it! And he did it five more times in a row. Cris and I cheered, and Max just beamed and laughed.

One of the things that happens when you have a special needs child is goal-writing. When you meet with teachers and therapists, everyone comes up with goals they want your child to meet. And it is usually phrased this way: “Max will successfully catch a ball three out of five tries.”

So, the fact that he caught a ball six times in a row is huge.

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2 Responses to Max caught a ball!

  1. Carol Barker says:

    WOOHOO!! I am a proud Grammy!!
    Good work Max!!

  2. Meg says:

    awesome!!! 😀

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