It’s a mad, mad Cohen house… just briefly

Yesterday morning Cris got mad at me, which he almost never does. But it was only after he thought I got mad at him, which I almost never do, and didn’t do in this case. I was mad, though, but at the situation.

Cris is a quiet person. He walks quietly, he closes doors quietly, he does everything quietly. So he startles me all the time, which he did yesterday. I had just finished blow-drying my hair and he appeared in the bathroom door to ask a question. I screamed and gave him a “what the hell??” look. I know he didn’t do it on purpose, but I still wondered “what the hell??”

So, he gave me a look and stormed off (not that anyone could hear him). I couldn’t believe he was mad at me, so I said “I can’t believe you’re mad at ME!”

“Well, you got made at me for no reason,” he replied.

“I was mad at being startled,” I told him.

“Well I didn’t mean to,” he said.

The trouble is he startles me a lot. He just appears. I scream.

When he lived with my parents in the nine months before we got married, he did this to my mom almost daily. She’s used to louder kids. He’d come in after work and quietly close the front door walk in to the kitchen and my mother would shriek.

Maybe this is my karmic payback. I LOVE to startle people on purpose. Just ask my brother…

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2 Responses to It’s a mad, mad Cohen house… just briefly

  1. Gina Gotsill says:

    I definetely think this is your karmic payback. ; )

  2. Michele says:

    Ha! You nut 🙂

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