Max the director busts out a sentence

Today Max busted out what I believe to be his very first unprompted four-word sentence: “I wha oo kay.” Which translates to “I want you (to) rake.”

We were working in the yard  and he kept saying “kay,” which means a few things, but in this case, it meant rake. I kept telling him “In a minute.” Then I watched  him think about it, and out came the sentence.

So, of course, I raked.

This comes on the heels of him answering a “why” question with a “because” statement. He will often use his talker to say “I feel angry” or “I feel frustrated,” but has a hard time telling us why. So, recently, we were vacuuming and had to stop to get ready for bed. He was obviously mad, so we got his talker and he entered “I feel angry.”

“Why,” we asked.

He entered “why.” Then he entered “Because stop vacuuming.” This is a huge breakthrough. The amazing thing is that there’s not a button for “vacuum,” he had to go to the keyboard and enter “v” which then brings up “v” words. Then he entered “a” and found vacuum on his own.

I could cry!

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