I need a weekend after my weekend

Last weekend was one of those where we just never stopped moving. Even at 3 a.m., we were doing something, although not willingly.

It started Friday when Max and I worked in the yard literally all day. I have been working so much lately, that I’ve been ignoring the yard. Now that Max is tracked out and I don’t have a sitter, we are getting our hands in the dirt. And into the giant pile of mulch that we had dumped in our driveway Friday.

We came in with just enough time to get cleaned up and eat before running off to the Miracle League field. Cris was announcing the two games and I was working at the fund-raiser table. Max just loves to hang out there and watch the games. He sits himself down with people he doesn’t know and tells me “byyyyye!” He cheers loudly and prompts everyone else to cheer.

It was beautiful out… we didn’t even need jackets. But then the second game was called early due to lightning. I’ve never seen a place clear out so quickly! So we headed out and made a Trader Joe’s stop. Apparently everyone in Cary had the same thought… it was crazy busy. We finally got Max to bed about 10.

Then Saturday morning, I had a haircut at 9 and then ran some errands. I got home to find out we had an impromptu dinner party invitation for our friend Ken’s birthday. I texted a couple of our sitters and managed to get one. I would pick her up at 6, I told her.

Then, back to the baseball field at 1:30. Cris was announcing Max’s game and the one after, and I was working the fund-raiser table again. Then we planned to head home for some downtime, but the next announcer never showed. So, we stayed another two hours… thankfully we brought jackets, it was pretty cold! We were there until 6, so we just picked up the sitter on our way home. We fixed Max’s dinner, got cleaned up and headed out to Ken and Darla’s, where we drank wine and used their finger foods as dinner. We had a blast, as usual, and headed home about 12:30.

We realized that we hadn’t taken our restless leg meds with us, which was a serious bummer because we need to take it 90 minutes before going to bed or risk, well, restless legs. So, we took it and Cris drove the sitter home. We were in bed by 1:30 and we both had leg trouble.

I was still awake around 2:30 when I heard a loud man sneeze downstairs. At least I thought it was a sneeze. I realized Cris was not in bed, so I went down to investigate. I needed to walk my restless legs anyway. He was closed in the bathroom. “Are you OK?” I asked. I got a muffled response and gleaned that he had thrown up, which just never happens. He has a steel gut. I waited a bit, and decided to leave him alone. I went back upstairs and dozed a little, then realized he was still downstairs. I went back down… poor guy, all 6 feet of him, was somehow on the floor of the tiny powder room. Well, he finally emptied his stomach and came back to bed around 3:30.

We settled in and then Max woke up. We had just been saying how ridiculous it was that our child was sleeping well, but stupid things were keeping us up. I got him back to sleep, and he woke up again quickly. Meantime, my legs are still going nuts. I think I got to sleep around 4. Ugh. I had planned to  get up and work in the morning. I am a technical editor, so I need to be somewhat lucid. Well, the Cohen men got up at some point, but they were nice enough to let me sleep until 11.

Damn… half the day gone. I needed to work, we needed to work in the yard (to shrink the pile of mulch!), and we needed to get to Barnes and Noble to spend our Groupons that were expiring that day. We had meant to use them Friday or Saturday, but there was no time. Well, Cris worked on his book, the Cohen men napped, I worked and we used the Groupons online. And finally at 6 or so, Max and I chipped away at the mulch.

Now, it’s 8:15 a.m. Monday, and I’ve been working since 6:15. I am so not a morning person! The housekeeper will be here at 9, and we haven’t even picked up.  She starts upstairs, so I will pick up downstairs.

Today, we will get out in the yard again, and I have a new sitter coming at 3, so I will work again then.

I’m pretty sure I will need a nap at some point today.

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