I love my neighborhood

When we moved to North Carolina three years ago, we hoped to move into a neighborhood where families gathered and kids played. And it turns out, we did.

It took a little while to get going because there were several new families on our street, but some of the original residents have begun instigating gatherings.  In July, we had a cookout and fireworks in the little cul-de-sac off our street. We had an adult-only progressive dinner a couple of weeks before Christmas. We threw a “share your leftovers” party a couple of day after Christmas. And last night we had a cookout in the cul-de-sac again. We were out there from 6-11 in short sleeves… in March!

Max loves a good gathering and played and played and played… we barely saw him for five hours. He played ball with kids and adults and hung out with Barb and Lori, two of his favorite moms. If I walked up, I got “bye-byed”. Every time we asked if he was ready to go, he just shook his head and said “noooo”… no tantrum or fit. It’s like he knew we wanted to stay, too. When he hit the sheets around 11:30, we were only on page 5 of Green Eggs and Ham when he signed “night-night”. He was out in like a second.

People must have had a sweet tooth yesterday, because there were a lot of desserts. I made key lime pie, which I love, but I couldn’t stay out of Sarah’s Rice Krispie treats with frosting. I LOVE RK treats, but never make them because Cris doesn’t eat them. Yesterday was diet cheat day, so I indulged. And, after getting Max to bed, I thought I’d have a little of the leftover key lime pie.

“Um, I have some bad news about the pie…” said Cris.


“I ate it,” he said.

“In the 15 minutes that I was upstairs??”

He was red-faced. “I was hungry, and it was so good. I thought you had some at the party.”

The funny thing is Sarah, who is 12 or 13, told Cris that she was disappointed that she didn’t get any of her Rice Krispie treats. “I think my wife ate half of them!” Cris told her.

Anyway… we couldn’t adore our neighbors or our neighborhood more. I asked Max last night “Did you have fun? Do you like our neighbors?”

I got a resounding “Yyyyaaaaa!”

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