The accidental hat

I like to knit… I make scarves, hats, felted purses, fingerless gloves. I just bought a book to learn how to make socks two at a time.

My brother asked me to make him a hat. So, last Thanksgiving we were at their house and I was finishing it up. It was too big. Since it was wool, I thought I’d felt it a little. Well, it came out more like a yarmulke. Damn. There must be a way to save it… it actually kind of looked like it would fit my niece.

“Abby… come here! Want a hat?”


But, it was plain black. It needed to be girlier. I found a flower pattern online and made my first flower. It came out so cute, as you can see.

And, yes, I made my brother another hat. Smaller this time.

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