Dottie the Magnificent

Last Saturday, I met a magnificent puppy. Her name is Dottie. I swear there were angels looking out from behind her eyes.

My friend Michele and I were leaving the farmer’s market and saw Dottie and her owner out for a walk. She caught our attention not only because she is adorable and was bounding after leaves and such, but also because she is missing a back leg.

So, I had to ask. And I had to pet that squirmy little puppy. Turns our she is about 10 weeks old and a couple of weeks before she was mauled by a dachshund and the vet could not save her leg. “She still has her stitches,” her owner pointed out.

We commented on how terrible it must have been to go through it.  “We didn’t have her yet. We’ve only had her for 8 days,” she said.

She answered our quizzical looks by explaining that she owns Polka-Dot Palette, the art studio near where we were standing. From the studio, she saw someone walking Dottie, and, like us, had to ask. She found out that the woman walking Dottie was only fostering her. She also had a home in Virginia, where she got Dottie.

Dottie was up for adoption.

“Well, we weren’t in the market for a puppy… we have two bigger, older dogs. But I had to adopt her because my son was born with only one arm,” she explained.

Imagine our stunned looks. It’s probably how you look now. The things in the universe that had to come together for Dottie to join this family…

They adopted her immediately, decided she would spend her days with them at the studio, and named her Dottie.

Her 6-year-old son said to her “Now I’m not the only one missing something.”

She went on to say “She’s already in bed with us. We tried to crate her and just couldn’t do it. And she’s so smart… she figured out how to unbuckle one of the older dog’s collars and does it all the time. He just picks it up and brings it to me as if to say ‘well, she did it again.’ Everyone in our house loved her instantly. ”

Well, how could you not?

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