Love thy neighbor… Well, at least their stuff

So, my brother called last night with another good one. He’s a cop, and there’s never a shortage of people to crack him up.

A guy was busted for having 86 lbs. of marijuana. Apparently, North Carolina taxes marijuana at a VERY high rate per pound, so whenever there’s a bust, the state tax guys come  to take their due. This usually means they empty the house and give the owner/convict a couple of months to buy his stuff back. Then it goes on the auction block.

The police need to be there to keep the peace during these house-emptying events. A few days ago, my brother was doing just that. Then slowly neighbors started coming up to ask him about the stuff and if it was going to be auctioned off. “Probably,” he told them.

All of them to a one asked “When can we buy it?”

Incidentally, this was a rookie cop’s first day on her own. She pulled the guy over for coasting through a stop sign and when she approached the car, she smelled pot. He had 50 lbs. in his car and 36 back at his house.

Gotta love stupid criminals!

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