Taking a look back


I took this photo of my boyfriend’s (the one on the right; he played bass) band, Step One, in 1987 for a photo class. I’ll never forget that the assignment was “The Thing Itself.” So, I shot a band. I was really proud of myself for thinking outside the box. So, on show-and-tell day, everyone in class displayed their photos of various objects. Then the teacher (who was a lecherous jerk, btw) got to mine, and he started to yell at me that I didn’t understand the assignment.

Teacher: This is a bunch of guys!

Me: No, it’s a band.

I got an A. I couldn’t have been happier about getting the better of him.

There are many reasons why I love this photo:

1. It captured a moment in time when they were pretty happy… they were 19 and playing in a punk band. And they had gigs!

2. The looks on their faces. Well, I might have changed the closed eyes.

3. The composition.

4. Their ripped jeans.

5. The Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox. I’m pretty sure that belonged to Joey, the guy in the beanie.

6. It reminds me of my first and favorite year in college. I was going to junior college in my hometown, but it felt like I went away to college because my family moved to Denver. I had freedom, I had my best friends, I had a car and a job, and I had a boyfriend in a band.

Darrel served me my first broken heart. (If I’d only known then what I know now: there’s almost no worse creature on earth than a 19-year-old guy!) Despite that, I call him my second favorite boyfriend… my favorite, of course, is Cris, the one I married. I will always smile when I remember that year. We had a ball together. And I loved his friends…two of them, Ray and Brian, are still great friends today. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well, maybe for some good chocolate 🙂 And another few of his friends enrich my Facebook life now.

It’s funny being at that point in my life when there are many people who only know me as married, as a mom, as an editor in a cubicle, as the new person at the Y. Funny thing is that now, thanks to Facebook, I’m back in touch with people who knew me then, when I was just Michele Morris. Who would have guessed that there would be something that connected us all via computers 20-some years later?

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