Friends, friends everywhere, even in the wrong area code

I have been in a reconnecting frenzy. It started with finding people via Linked In, then my friend Megan spoke that evil sentence: “Are you on Facebook yet?” After I’d been on FB for a few days, I called her and told her she owed me 50 hours of my life! But it’s been so much fun.

My friend Brian was recently laid off, so he emailed everyone to alert them of his change of email, phone, etc. (He now has time for Facebook and has been in a similar old friend frenzy.) Ray forwarded me his email, so after 20 years, Brian and I are back in touch, and it’s like no time has passed.

So, after emailing a bit, we decided to talk on the phone. I gave Brian my number. So, he called, but he had written down 916 instead of 919.  The call went like this:

Man on the phone: Hello?

Brian: Hi, is Michele there?

Man: No, but this is Chris (I’m guessing he spells it with an “h”, unlike my husband)

After a second or so, it became apparent he had called the wrong Michele and Cris.

He then re-looked up my number and called. Of course, Cris answered.

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