Max is one funny kid

Lately, Max has been cracking me up. There are five things in particular that I want to share:

1. When he wants to go in the backyard, he follows me around the house with the key, as if to say “I know this thing will get me where I want to go. Please use it.”

2. When his babysitter Mollie comes over, he knows she’ll take him outside to play in the water, so he hands her what he needs first: the bug spray.

3. One day when I was working from home and Mollie was here, he took like a half hour nap and Mollie stuck around just in case. When he woke up and came down the hall he pointed to me, pointed to the office and signed “work”. Then proceeded to head downstairs with Mollie.

4. We often turn on the Today Show in our bedroom. So, now when he comes in to wake us up, he just hands me the remote.

4. (This is my favorite) Sometimes he gets up around 6 a.m., but doesn’t wake us right away. He’ll then climb in bed with us for a bit before we all get up. Then when we go into the hall, we discover what he’s been up to: reading his favorite books by the light of the nightlight (see picture). Sometimes we’ll find him there around 11 when we come up to go to bed. His current favorite books are “Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type” and a book about dogs that includes the line “all dogs poop and all dogs pee” complete with a pull tab that makes a Boxer lift his leg. (Thanks, Laura!)


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