What’s in a name? Whatever you put there

I had a friend in high school whose last name was Pilz. He used to say he was going to name his future kids Aspirin, Vitamin C, Horse..

A friend who is a reporter once did a story about the interesting names that turned up in the birth announcements, like Miss Diamond Princess, or the couple whose last name Case who welcomed their son, Justin. Cute, in theory. Cris used to work with a DJ named Dusty Street. Perfect DJ name, you say?  How’d she get that one? From her parents Mr. and Mrs. Street, who sealed her fate by naming her Dustine.

My sister-in-law used to be a labor and delivery nurse, and she has the story that takes the cake. A woman who had just given birth announced that she had just heard the most beautiful word ever and was going to name her baby… Episiotomy.

When I was pregnant, we kept a list of names we were definitely not considering on the fridge. People loved it and regularly contributed. Since we weren’t sharing the names we were considering so as to avoid criticisms, it was  great way for friends and family to be involved. We had names like Osama (hey, it was 2001), Peabo, Butch, Corky, Bambi, and any day or month.

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