Country music concerts in the South

Country concerts are a whole different thing down here! We saw Brad Paisley four times in the Bay Area. The crowds were pretty mellow. People listened and sang along.

We saw him a couple of weeks ago in Raleigh with some family and friends, and we opted for lawn seats. People were nuts! They talked through the music, they ran around, many nearly lost their clothing.

Then, when we were leaving the parking lot, people were hanging out windows and sunroofs picking up on other drunk people in nearby cars, asking girls to lift their shirts. It was a riot.

In California — well, in the Bay Area at least — people leaving the parking lots don’t even look to the side, much less hang out a window!

Update (March 2011)... we’ve been to many more country concerts since I originally wrote this. We always get seats now, but the people watching remains fabulous.

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2 Responses to Country music concerts in the South

  1. Gina Gotsill says:

    A fun crowd makes a fun show. Do NC crowds talk on their cell phones during the concert like they do here in CA?

  2. Michele says:

    I haven’t seen so much talking as crazy texting.

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