A bevy, a gaggle, a pride of small world stories

(Originally posted July 2008)

Back when Max was a little over a year old and we were living in Livermore, we had a garage sale. We were talking to a very nice couple, and they commented on how cute Max was and how he must be his grandparents’ pride.  We told them yes, and that it was sad that his grandparents lived so far away — in LA and Santa Maria. They looked at each other and said “Isn’t that where the Ufferheides live, Santa Maria?”

Me: Craig Ufferheide??

Them: Yes. We were in the Military together.

Me: They are among my parents’ best friends.

I went on to explain that Craig’s wife had died in 1998 and that he had remarried and was living in England. So I took their info and passed it on. Not sure if they ever connected…

* * *

My friend Ray recently told me a story about when his boss went to a co-worker’s house for a BBQ. Never having been there, his boss was surprised to recognize the family’s dog. He knew almost immediately that it was his sister’s dog that she had to put it up for adoption a year or two before.

* * *

In January of this year, when Cris and I were on our way home from househunting in NC, I got to talking to the woman sitting next to us on the plane. She was going home to the Bay Area as well.  I told her that I lived in the Niles area of Fremont. It’s a funky little old town with antique shops and biker bars. Anyway, she said her sister made fudge and sold it in a shop called Thyme for Tea.

Me: Oh my God, is your sister Charlotte?

Her: Yes…

Me: I’ve been buying her pumpkin fudge, It’s OUTSTANDING!

Her: Great! I’ll tell her…

* * *

My brother had been trying forever to sell his Harley on eBay. Finally someone was seriously interested and wanted to come and take a look.

John: OK, where are you coming from. I live in Winston-Salem

Potential Buyer: Oh, so do I…

John: I live near Old Salisbury and Darwick…

PB: Me to…

John: I live in Kaymore…

PB: I live in Kaymore!

John: No WAY. What street?

Turns out the guy lived right across the street!

He ended up not buying the bike, and that’s probably better… John didn’t have to see it on a regular basis after selling it.


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