Life imitates art, er SNL

(Originally posted July 2008)

Sometime in the mid-’90s Nicolas Cage was in a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live. He and Julia Sweeney played a couple trying to think of names for their soon-to-arrive baby. They wanted to be sure that the name went well with their last name. Right then they got a delivery.

Delivery Guy: I have a delivery for a Mr. Asswipe…

Nicolas Cage: IT’S OZWEEPAY!

I was working at the Santa Maria Times then, and the next Monday a bunch of us were cracking up over the skit.

About a week later, the county reporter, Ken Miller, got a fax from someone named, and I kid you not, Carol Ichinose. We died! Was it actually pronounced Itchynose? Or Ishynosay? Ken had to figure something out because he had to call her. So, he went with the more exotic pronunciation.

Ken: May I speak with Carol Ishynosay, please?

Guy on the phone: It’s Itchynose!

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