Bowling, of all things

(Originally posted February 2008)

Max’s class took a field trip to the bowling alley today. This field trip took me by surprise, even though I had signed the permission slip three or so weeks ago, and volunteered to chaperone. We’ve  been a little self-absorbed for two weeks now, since BUYING A HOUSE.

020108_10191_2_2I dropped Max at school at 8:30 and his teacher said “Are you coming back?”

Me: For…?

Teacher: The field trip to the bowling alley.

Me: Holy God!

Teacher: I worried you would forget!

So, she told me I needed to be back at 9:45. I wasn’t so sure Max would enjoy the whole experience and contemplated just picking him up and going home. But, I took him to the bowling alley. He didn’t really want to go in, and asked to go home and take a nap. I coaxed him and he finally agreed. We found a quiet spot between where the balls are stored and where the bowlers sit and watched a group of 70-ish people bowl. Max was intrigued. I kept asking if he wanted to try it and he kept signing “no.” The bowlers noticed him and waved to him and one lady came over to say hi. Then he moved away from me and toward the lanes.

Me: You wanna try it?

Max: Signing “please”

So, we got his shoes (yes, they make them in that size!) and joined his class. They hadn’t started yet. We barely got his shoes on and it was his turn — he was first! We took a ball out to the lane, and I helped him use a special ramp they have for kids. By the third frame he was so enthusiastic that he only needed my help carrying the ball. He bowled two spares and got the highest score — 83!

He had an unexpectedly great time and I was so proud!


He refused to take his jacket off, for some reason.

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