Fooled by appliances

(Originally posted January 2008)

My brother has been fooled by his household appliances twice now. When I think of these things, I just giggle. OK, laugh out loud.

The first time, it was his air conditioner. While is was running, he smelled gasoline in his house. Not understanding why the A/C would smell like gas he called a repairman.

Repairman: Well, here’s your problem.

Anxious to learn, John came over to take a look.

Repairman: You parked your gas-powered lawnmower right next to the unit. Paying by check is fine…

The second time, it was the heater. Our mom and her husband were visiting recently, and one evening they were all freezing even though he thermostat said 70. My mom finally figured out that the floor lamp that was right next to the thermostat was heating the area around it, thus making it’s little computer think it was warm in the house. They turned off the lamp and watched the “temperature” drop several degrees. And then the heater came on.

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