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Vanity plates update

(Originally posted January 2008) Today I saw what might be the worst vanity plate ever: I<heart>2ICK8 Yes, that’s “I heart to ickate”. Or “I heart to ick 8”. I had to read the license plate frame to find out that … Continue reading

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Fooled by appliances

(Originally posted January 2008) My brother has been fooled by his household appliances twice now. When I think of these things, I just giggle. OK, laugh out loud. The first time, it was his air conditioner. While is was running, … Continue reading

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Vanity plates

(Originally posted January 2008) I totally get why people get personalized license plates. It’s a fun way to reveal a little about yourself. I’ve toyed with getting one myself, but can’t think of anything I can really commit to (I … Continue reading

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