iPod vs. washing machine

If my washing machine could talk, it would say: “I fought the iPod, and the iPod won.”

Yes, I put Max’s iPod in the washing machine last Thursday. I’ll tell you how it happened, but let me first explain that Thursday spiraled into a really bad day.

Max had a potty accident before going to school, then one at school. and then two at home. This is very abnormal, especially considering that the whole five days were  in North Carolina, he only had one accident.  He was also having quite a bit of cataplexy.

I decided that since we’d be going to horse therapy (40 minutes each way) I wanted to listen to a couple of podcasts in the car. I loaded them onto Max’s iPod, simply because mine’s full and there’s room on his. Max was fabulous on the horse, even had a few firsts. But he was a wreck by the time we got home. He was giddy and having a lot of cataplexy. It was like he was exposed to something really bad, but I couldn’t think of what.

When I got him out of the car, I stuck his iPod in my back pocket. I quickly changed into sweats, because it was shaping up to be THAT kind of afternoon.

Later, after Cris got home, I was doing laundry that included a load of jeans. Imagine my surprise when I found the little silver iPod in the washer. OMG!! I hate it when I make an expensive mistake.

After telling Cris what I had done, and him telling me that it was understandable considering the day we had, I searched Yahoo for “iPod in the washing machine.” I found an article written by a guy who had run his through the washer. He said he waited a half hour and connected it to the computer and it was fine. So, that’s what we did… and it was fine. Whew!

Addendum: Turns out Max was affected by the paint fumes lingering in my car after  the body work we had done while were were gone.  By Friday morning, he was fine. Today, Sunday, is the first time he’s been in my car. It’s been in the garage with the windows open.

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