Tony and Angie and Tony and Angie

(Originally posted December 2007)

I just got this story from my friend Angie:

We used to have these neighbors just down the street (5 houses down, also with a gray house)… My husband, Tony, had hooked up with this guy — also named Tony — after seeing he also had a Harley. They went on a couple of rides together.

No_way_2So one day we were driving past their house and my Tony sees Tony outside and pulls over so he can introduce me.

“This is my wife, Angie.”

The other Tony looks at him in disbelief and says, “You’ve got to be kidding me, my wife is named Angie, too!!!”

So then, if that wasn’t enough, one day we were in Target and saw the other Tony and Angie. We got to talking again and I mentioned that it was my Tony’s birthday. Again, major disbelief from the other Tony… it was also his birthday, September 13. Angie and I compared too — I’m June 9 and she’s April 9.

So if you ask about Tony and Angie who live on Bayberry Ln. in a gray house with a Harley in the garage and may be celebrating a birthday on 9/13… well, you get the picture!

P.S. They have since moved, but that was fun for awhile!


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