You just never know when your life will change

(Originally posted December 2007)


Those of you who know us know that we’ve been dying to leave the Bay Area.Specifically, we want to go to North Carolina. We’ve threatened. We’ve cried. We’ve appealed to any and all deities. Cris asked his boss if he could transfer to his company’s office there, and his boss said no. So, for the first time, Cris started looking for a job because he wanted to, not because he had to. And we found that even though there seems to be a lot of work there, it’s hard to get a job there when you are here.

A couple of recruiters suggested some tactics: get a PO box and a phone number in North Carolina. Cris wondered if potential employers might be angry when they found out he didn’t live there, but was told that it showed a commitment to moving. So, we called our cell phone carrier and asked about changing Cris’ number to a 919 area code. We got the green light, but decided to wait until the next billing cycle began on Nov. 23.

Meanwhile, Cris alerted his friends who place contractors that he’d be open to contract work again. It would be a way to get us to NC, and then he could look for permanent work from there.

On Nov. 19, Cris got a call that there were two contract jobs at Cisco available, and his resume was a fit. The next morning (two days before Thanksgiving), he contacted Victoria, who was his boss on a short but very cool project at Cisco five and a half years ago.  (It was his favorite job ever.) He had used her as a reference the day before and wanted to give her a heads up. She emailed back immediately that she had an opening and that she wanted to talk to him that day. They talked. She offered him a job… the same job he had all those years ago, but now with a project manager title.

By the following Thursday all the papers were signed and Cris gave two-weeks’ notice — a first for him. Every place he’s ever worked, he’s either been laid off or the company has closed. Even his first DJ job after college — the station went Spanish and he was out of a job. At least he got to do the final broadcast.

The best part? After working from the Cisco headquarters in Silicon Valley for a couple of months, WE GET TO MOVE TO NORTH CAROLINA! Yes, folks, we are finally  leaving the Bay Area.

We are going househunting in January and hope to move by March. We have to be flexible, of course,  but that’s what we’re aiming for.

We are very excited to buy a house, have a better (and slower-paced) quality of life, and see friends and family on the East Coast. You’re all invited to visit… just give us a day or so notice!

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