Oh what a night

(Originally posted December 2007)

OK, so it wasn’t “late December back in ’63,” but early December here in ’07.

Last Saturday my sister and I took our mom to San Francisco to see “Jersey Boys,” and we had a ball.

We took BART over and checked out the Westfield SF Shopping Center and Union Square on the way to the Curran Theater. Neither my mom nor Jennifer  has been to SF at Christmas, so that was a treat in itself. The weather was beautiful and the decorations were fabulous. We walked the crowded streets and took in smells from every kind of restaurant you can imagine.

Me: I love all the food smells.

Jennifer: Me too. Until we pass a fish restaurant.

Well, she has a point.

The show was fabulous. My mom could remember where she was in her pre-teen years when she heard just about every Frankie Valli song. Afterwards, we ate at Max’s across the street and then looked at purses on sale in Neiman Marcus. Every one my mom picked up was $1,400. The we had some gelato before getting back on BART.

My mom decided that visiting the city and riding public transportation is OK once in a while, but she prefers the suburbs and the comfort of her car.

Jennifer and Mom by the tree in Union Square.

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