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Funny the things we remember

(Originally published December 2007) When I was in college in San Luis Obispo, there was a store downtown called Audio Ecstasy. They were¬†known for having funny commercials and interesting window themes. Oh, and probably for their audio equipment as well. … Continue reading

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iPod vs. washing machine

If my washing machine could talk, it would say: “I fought the iPod, and the iPod won.” Yes, I put Max’s iPod in the washing machine last Thursday. I’ll tell you how it happened, but let me first explain that … Continue reading

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Tony and Angie and Tony and Angie

(Originally posted December 2007) I just got this story from my friend Angie: We used to have these neighbors just down the street (5 houses down, also with a gray house)… My husband, Tony, had hooked up with this guy … Continue reading

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Top of the Hill

(Originally published November 2007) So, this past week we were in North Carolina. We were visiting friends and family and checking out the area because we hope to move there. On Sunday evening we had dinner at a restaurant in … Continue reading

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You just never know when your life will change

(Originally posted December 2007) Those of you who know us know that we’ve been dying to leave the Bay Area.Specifically, we want to go to North Carolina. We’ve threatened. We’ve cried. We’ve appealed to any and all deities. Cris asked … Continue reading

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You’re kidding me!

Back in 1994 I was working a couple nights a week as an aide at The Adult Diploma Program in Santa Maria. I was talking with one of the teachers about her education and student teaching. She told me that … Continue reading

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One of the reasons I like having cats

(Originally posted December 2007) I get to take pictures like this…

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