I am not alone…

Recently a family member who shall remain nameless stayed with us for a few days. On the first day of the visit, Nameless Guest ran into our sliding glass door. (I have also done this, as noted in an earlier post.) Apparently this is what can happen when you try to walk outside while looking at the signal bars on your cell phone.

“Can you hear me now?” Smack!

Cris saw it happen. I didn’t. But I heard it. It must have been funnier to just hear it, because I broke out giggling (Guest says I was guffawing. Guest might be right.) several times over the next couple of days. Yes, I do laugh — OK, crack up — when people do things like that, but in my defense, Nameless Guest did bring it up a few times.

Anyway, Nameless Guest recovered quickly, and, I think, has almost forgiven me for my guffawing.

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