Oh, Max…

(Originally posted Septamber 2007)

So, tonight we’re sitting at the dinner table and Max very quietly signs that he wants a napkin. He wiped his hands together, which is the sign he uses when he wants to wash his hands. I wasn’t getting what he needed, but then Cris said “Do you want a napkin?” Img_1959_2_2

“Please,” he signed.

Cris handed him the napkin and he proceeded to wipe off his cup because he had gotten some yogurt on it.

We were floored. He asks for things all the time, but this was different. He asked for something in order to do something else. We told him how fabulous he is. And told him again. Then we clapped — a lot.

Those of you who know Max, know that this is the kind of multi-level deductive reasoning we so hoped we’d see.

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