The good news is the kitchen floor is clean, and the computers needed restarting anyway

(Originally posted Septamber 2007)

We’ve all joked about losing our minds… we say it flippantly all the time:

“When that happened, I lost my mind…”

“I nearly lost my mind.”

It turns out I really had no idea what that meant… until yesterday. I’m pretty sure my mind was lost for about 15 minutes. And today I can laugh about it.

It all started so innocently. Max was playing outside in the water, which entails watering this, filling that, etc. I walked to our room to scoop up some laundry. With my arms full, I thought “that water sounds awfully loud.” So I ran and was faced with Max watering the tile floor INSIDE the door. I stood agape as water coursed onto the carpet, under the desk, under the CPU that is my work computer, under the power strip, under the modem.

All I could do was shriek. Not even at Max. Although me shrieking and running at him was apparently very funny.

I turned off the water and he sat down, grasping that this was no longer a game. I just continued to shriek. (Finally, the fact that almost no one is home during the day in our neighborhood was a good thing.) Max sat and watched, switching between giggling and crying and trying to get my attention.

The next 15-or-so minutes are a blur. All I knew at the end was that every beach towel, and several other towels from our closet, were soaked, dripping, really, and that the computer equipment came back up just fine.

Max was still watching me very carefully and did not ask to turn the water back on. Smart kid…

I IM’d Cris and told him that “The good news is that the kitchen floor is clean, and the computers needed restarting anyway.” Once I explained, he said it was kind of funny.

“Tomorrow it will be,” I replied.

He also pointed out that it was rather inventive on Max’s part.

Yes, it was. And we love when he does things that are inventive.

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