Silver balls, silver balls…

I got this from my friend Debbie today:

Jake just came up to me two minutes before a call with my boss — so you can imagine my joy — and told me that he had “swallowed the balls.”

“What balls?” I answered.

“The silver balls,” came his reply.

Yes, he had just swallowed two silver marbles.  I am freaking, the phone is ringing. Thank heavens Ron was working from home. I just shouted: “Call the doctor!” and calmly answered the phone.

Now, don’t forget we are going away this weekend. So, luckily, I don’t get to look through his poop for evidence of their excretion — but someone has to.  They are both sick right now (Jake and his brother, Ben), so they need nebulizer treatments twice a day… and now this.

Suffice it to say that my sister-in-law (who is watching them) is not happy.

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