Spreading the news

Just so we’re clear: I am not pregnant now. This is a story from the one time I was pregnant with the one child I have.

One of the best parts about being pregnant — especially when no one is expecting you to be pregnant — is telling people. Those of you who know me, know I love surprising people. And I’m almost never nefarious about it (wink, wink). Bib

But I digress…

So, in 2001, no one we knew even suspected we’d be having a baby any time soon. We had planned to try to have a baby that year, (we hadn’t told anyone except my grandma, who took that secret to Heaven with her), but it was the year of the tech bust and Cris was laid off. And thinking he’d get a job at any moment, we decided to rely on a birth control method other than the pill. I was 33, after all and my clock was ticking. Without giving too much detail, I’ll just say that one day in July we left said other method on the nightstand and nine months later we had Max.

It took us a little while to get used to the idea. We felt irresponsible. We felt like teenagers. On the other hand, our family had experienced a lot of death recently, so new life seemed like good idea.

We spent a weekend at my mom’s in early August, but didn’t say anything because it was a little early. And we’re were going to be with both our moms for a wedding later that month. We thought it would be fun to tell them together. It was sooo hard to not let on. Thankfully I didn’t have morning sickness. We even had friends who knew with us that weekend. The husband kept saying to himself, “nobody here is gestating…”

As soon as we knew the due date, I bought cute little metal frames that had “Baby” written on them. I used stickers and colored paper to put the due date in the window of the frames. Then I put them in matching gift bags. Off to Santa Maria to bear the news!

We wanted to tell them before going to the wedding because it was driving us (well, at least me) crazy. But my mother-in-law hit  some traffic and was a little later than planned. We only had a few minutes. We got them together and said we had gifts for them that they had to open together because they were the same thing.

“Can’t it wait until after the wedding?”


They obliged and pulled the frames out of the bags simultaneously. They couldn’t have done it better if they’d practiced.

They studied the frames for a second. Then it registered. Tears SHOT FORWARD out of their eyes. They grabbed each other and jumped up and down and uttered semi-words  in a pitch that only Flipper could tolerate. I truly wish I’d been taping!

Then they remembered we were there. “Are you going to have a baaaybeee??” My mom asked.


Then I was able to tell my friend Megan I was pregnant at her wedding, which was like paying it forward because my friend Sharon told me she was pregnant with No. 5 at my wedding.

The other person who got the news in a unique way was Doug. It was early September and we were at our annual San Jose Earthquakes soccer game with Doug and Roger, and Chris and Gina (who already knew). It was Landon Donovan Day at the stadium and we all got T-shirts when we left. Huge T-shirts. As I held it up to me, Doug said “Don’t worry, you can grow into it.”

I hadn’t planned to spill just yet… but, I ask you, who can pass up an opening like that?

“As a matter of fact, I will,” I said.

Doug got it right away, as did Roger.

Fun stuff. I’d love it if some of you would share your stories.

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  1. Meg says:

    OMG I LOVE IT! 🙂 soooo cute! 🙂

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