The world is small, but the Bay Area is smaller

(Originally posted August 2007)

On Sunday night, Cris and I went to a Presbyterian Church in Walnut Creek to hear The Pat Little Band play. Pat’s parents are very close friends of ours … I’ve known Pat since he was born. He’s always been musical, and comes by it honestly — his parents are both talented. When he was about 13 and playing the guitar I asked if he  listened to U2. Surely he knows The Edge’s work. He hadn’t heard of them, so I made him a  best of  CD. He was hooked, and at 21 is still a big fan and cites them as an influence. I could hear it.

I may be biased, but I have to say The Pat Little Band is fabulous.

So, the small world part of this story came about after the show. We were walkng to the front to say hi to Pat, and someone yells “Cris!”

We stop, stunned. Who at a Presbyterian Church 40 minutes from our home knows Cris? Granted, we’re constantly driving all over the Bay Area, but this was still odd.

It was Nathaniel, a former co-worker of Cris’. If you’ve read much of my blog, you know Nathaniel not by name, but as the co-worker who told us to use Craig’s List to get U2 tickets. Nathaniel plays in a band at the church.

Nathaniel: “What are you doing here?”

Cris: “We came to see Pat. Michele has known him since he was born.”

Nathaniel: “You’re kidding!! We were hanging out earlier. He’s a great guy.”

Cris, of course, agreed.

I went on to tell Nathaniel about giving Pat his first U2 CD. He said that he and Pat had talked about U2.

Pat was equally surprised that we knew Nathaniel and that he was the guy who helped me finally get to a U2 concert.

I really love it when something so unexpected happens.


Some of the members of The Pat Little Band. Pat is second from left.

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