Hair yesterday, gone today

(Originally posted Septamber 2007)

I did it. I cut my hair off. No that I was all that attached to it. As a matter of fact, I did it not a day too soon! For the past two years I’ve been growing it for Locks of Love. I didn’t make it to their minimum of 10″ they need to make a wig, but at its longest point my amputated ponytail is 9″. They will take anything between 6″ and 10″ to sell at fair market value to offset their costs. So my hair won’t be in one of their wigs, but it will be in one somewhere.

Could I have waited two or three more months after growing it for two years. Honestly, no. I lost it in the home stretch.  And, I really wanted Tara, our hairdresser for the past 7 years, to do the honors. She’s going on maternity leave in a couple of weeks and won’t be back until December. There’s no way I would have made it until then!


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