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Oh, Max…

(Originally posted Septamber 2007) So, tonight we’re sitting at the dinner table and Max very quietly signs that he wants a napkin. He wiped his hands together, which is the sign he uses when he wants to wash his hands. … Continue reading

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Silver balls, silver balls…

I got this from my friend Debbie today: Jake just came up to me two minutes before a call with my boss — so you can imagine my joy — and told me that he had “swallowed the balls.” “What … Continue reading

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Synchronized swimming lesson

(Origianlly posted September 2007) I just had to post this photo of Max and his swimming teacher, Brittany. They look like they’re practicing synchronized swimming.

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The good news is the kitchen floor is clean, and the computers needed restarting anyway

(Originally posted Septamber 2007) We’ve all joked about losing our minds… we say it flippantly all the time: “When that happened, I lost my mind…” “I nearly lost my mind.” It turns out I really had no idea what that … Continue reading

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Another first

(Originally posted Septamber 2007) I had my first fender-bender about a week and a half ago. Yes, I’m 39 and this is my first accident — I think that’s a pretty good record. It was my fault. I rear-ended a … Continue reading

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Spreading the news

Just so we’re clear: I am not pregnant now. This is a story from the one time I was pregnant with the one child I have. One of the best parts about being pregnant — especially when no one is expecting … Continue reading

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Pursuing her dream

(Originally posted September 2007) My friend Debbie recently started doing something she’s always wanted to do: decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies. She’s been taking classes and practicing, practicing, practicing. And she gets to listen to Oprah on XM Satellite Radio … Continue reading

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