I feel the earth move even in my sleep

(Originally posted August 2007)

Sometime in the middle of the night last night I woke with a start, looked around and went back to sleep. Then I woke up after dreaming about being in an earthquake.

This morning I looked at the local NBC website to read about something the anchor teased. A different headline caught my eye. “Quake in Berkeley.” Apparently around the time of my startled awakening and my dream, there actually was a temblor.

I’ve done this before before huge quakes in other parts of the world — Japan, Iran, Pakistan. Ironically, I didn’t dream about the one good-sized earthquake I’ve been in — Paso Robles, just before Christmas, 2003. Nor did I dream about the Northridge quake. Or the recent quake in Peru.

The day of the Paso Robles quake we were in Santa Maria for Christmas. The sort of funny thing was that I had strep throat and pink eye (first time for both). I woke up thinking I was really dizzy and then realized that everything was moving. My mom was just getting back from getting my medication. I sprinted to the other end of the house. Bob grabbed Max and we all got outside. I remember watching the ground just roll — like it had become liquid. My mother just kept screaming in staccato… even after it stopped.

Then, the day after Christmas there was another quake on a different fault.

I think it has to be my most surreal Christmas ever.

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