Babies, babies everywhere

Last April, just after we moved to Fremont, I was in Target and ran into one of the nurse practitioners from Max’s pediatrician’s office.

I knew she had three kids: two elementary school-age boys, and a daughter. She had her daughter with her, and I couldn’t believe she was already 3. When we first met her, her daughter was 6 months old.

Then I noticed she was pushing a double stroller.

Me: Are these yours?

Her: Ya… I had twins last August!

I just stared at the identical boys.

Her: We decided to have one more. Four kids seemed good.

Me: What did you say when you found out you were having twins?

Her: Oh, I can’t repeat that in public!

She went on to say that they were really good, mellow babies. And that being THAT outnumbered wasn’t too bad.

I don’t know her husband, but I can say that if anyone can do it, she can.

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