All wet… again

When we were either 16 or 17 — I really can’t remember — our high school youth group took a trip to Magic Mountain. Even though I forget whether it was my senior or junior year, I do remember that it was Dec. 23. It was great — there was no one there! But, being the second day of winter, we had to dress warmly.


That said, we were stupid enough to go on a whitewater rafting ride. Amazingly, my friend Liz was the only one who got wet. Well, soaked. It’s like she was wearing a target — every stream of water hit her. I’m pretty sure her jeans never dried.

So, I’m talking to Liz on the phone today, and she tells me that she and her sister-in-law took their kids to an amusement park in Virginia. And they rode a whitewater rafting ride. And Liz was apparently wearing the same target she wore 20-some years ago. And, yes, she was wearing jeans (even after her sister-in-law said “I don’t think you should wear jeans…”).

And, no, they never dried.

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