The world is pretty small, but The Santa Maria Times is smaller

Back in 1993 when I went to work as a copy editor at the Santa Maria Times, my hometown newspaper, I became friends with a guy named Tony. Tony was hilarious — we hit it off right away. He had also been friends with the woman who had the job before me — someone named Tanya. She had taken a job at the paper in Ventura. Tony told me many times that he wished I could meet her because we were very similar. I finally asked her last name.

“Reid,” he said. “Tanya Reid.”

Me: “Brown wavy hair?”

Tony: “Yesss…”

Me: “I know her! And I like her!”

Tony: Utter shock.

I told Tony that Tanya and I knew each other in high school. I went to Righetti High School, but she went to Santa Maria High School with my friend Liz. We all used to hang out. She went to UCSB, and Liz and I went to Hancock College there in Santa Maria. I remember visiting Tanya at UCSB.

Tony: Utter shock.

Well, Tanya was dating the Sports Editor, Rich. Then that summer or fall of 1993, they got married. I was invited to the wedding even though I didn’t really know Rich. So, I went to the wedding and went up to Tanya… ” I don’t know if you remember me, but…” She totally remembered me.

Me: Jabber, jabber, jabber

Tanya: Jabber, jabber, jabber

Tony: Utter shock.

Anyway, Tanya moved back to Santa Maria, worked part-time at the Times while getting her teaching credential. She now teaches English at SM High. Rich left the paper and teaches journalism at SM High. It was so fun to reconnect. We still, at the very least, exchange Christmas cards.

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