Wow, friendly people!

Just when I was at a breaking point with the Bay Area and the anonymity I feel living here and the apathy that usually exudes from people, I met two of the friendliest cashiers.

Last night I stopped in Trader Joe’s quickly. I was in line, when the guy at the “10 Items” line called me over.

“I think I might have more than 10,” I said.

“That’s OK, we’ll just put some back,” he quickly replied, cracking me up.

Me: “Oh God, and I forgot my BAGS!”

Him: “What kind of a customer are you?”

Me: “I know, I suck tonight!”

Him: “Yesterday an older lady and her son — regular customers —  came through my line, and I told her I thought she had more than 10. ‘What? You think we can count?’ she said to me so quickly.”

Me: Laughing…

Him: “I know I blew that line; it was so funny when she said it. She’s so quick-witted.”

I proceeded to tell him about how Costco has reusable bags now. He was very excited to hear that, and said he hadn’t been to Costco since moving here a year ago.

That’s why he was so friendly!! He’s not from here!

Not that people here are un-friendly, They just don’t notice the people areound them much.

Then I ran into Safeway for ice cream and, again, got a really friendly checker! He asked if I found everything I needed.

Me: “I think so… two tubs of Breyer’s…”

Him: “Sometimes ice cream is all you need.”

If someone hadn’t come up behind me, I would have asked him where he was from.

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