The king of useful knowledge

(Originally posted July 2007)

So, I can look at my husband and ask “What was the name of that guy who was in that movie that came out around 1987…?” Askcris

“Oliver Platt,” he’ll answer without hesitation.

We can watch a movie on TV that Cris has seen once before and he can tell where the edits are.

He calls himself the King of Useless Knowledge because he has to ask me things like how much he made per year at his last job. Together we are a complete person.

I call it useful knowledge. And this week he’s two for two.

Patty pinged me while trying to find songs on iTumes.

“Does this lyric sound familiar to you ‘I don’t understand why I sleep all day’?”

“Let me ask Cris…”

“Something by Blind Melon, I think,” he said, again without hesitation.

“That’s IT!” said Patty.

Then today, my friend Laura called me and left a message that she was trying to think of a movie where a guy pretends to be Italian. “He runs around saying ‘Ciao Bella’ or something…”

I called Cris. “There’s this cycling movie called ‘Breaking Away,’ that might be it,” he said.

I called Laura back: “Cris says ‘Breaking Away’ ”

“That’s IT!” she said. “You have to see it.”

So, if he keeps me and my friends from going crazy, I consider it useful knowledge.

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