Blame it on Brad Paisley

One day in May 2004, Cris and I became country music fans. It wasn’t even a gradual thing. It happened in less than a week. When we told friends, they looked at us like we’d just spoken Spanish. Or said that we’d become gangsta rap fans.

We blame Brad Paisley.

One day while Cris was at work, I was flipping around channels and noticed that the TV skipped channel 63. Wondering what it was and why I set it up to skip, I punched in the number. Oh, Country Music TV. Hmmm… that guy’s cute, and this is a nice song, I thought. Wait, it’s nice, yet funny. It was the song “Little Moments”. “I’ll never forget the first time that I heard that pretty mouth say that dirty word. And I can’t even remember now what she backed my truck into. She covered her mouth and her face turned red… she just looked so darned cute, that I couldn’t even act like I was mad. I live for little moments like that.”

Cris has to see this!

So, when he got home, I broke the news. Then, while watching CMT non-stop to try to record the video for him, I happened upon the video for “Celebrity”. I died! I showed Cris, he died! We were hooked. And while stalking Brad videos, we discovered a lot of singers and bands we liked. Unlike MTV, CMT plays music.

“There are a lot of good looking women on CMT,” Cris observed.

Next thing we know, we own the latest Brad Paisley CD. And I sent a copy to my brother for his birthday.

“Who sent you this?” asked Dana.

“My sister,” John replied.

“WHICH ONE?!” she asked, looking at him like he was holding a J.Lo CD.


“Oh my GAW.” (because that’s what she says)

Then we had concert tickets for later that summer. Of course we had to get his two older CDs so we’d be caught up. We had a ball. Now we’ve seen Brad four times: once by himself, once with Sarah Evans and Josh Turner, once with Terri Clark and Reba McEntire (Two Hats and a Redhead tour) and most recently with Kellie Pickler.

And we now own a library of other country music. If five years ago someone had told Cris that by 2007 he’d have music by a band called Sugarland, he would have laughed. I grew up on a healthy diet of country music — Johnny Cash, Charlie Pride, Kenny Rogers, John Denver — but I eschewed it as soon as I could make my own choices. It’s kind of nice to be back. I know my grandparents and my step-father would be pleased.

What we love is that it opened a whole new world of music and new artists to us. And we’ll fit right in when we move to North Carolina! Maybe I can talk Cris into buying some boots 🙂

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