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Paralyzing the truth

This morning I saw a commercial for Botox Cosmetic. I cracked up because the line they used to sum up the ad was: “Botox Cosmetic. It’s all about freedom of expression.” All I could think is that it should have … Continue reading

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I feel the earth move even in my sleep

(Originally posted August 2007) Sometime in the middle of the night last night I woke with a start, looked around and went back to sleep. Then I woke up after dreaming about being in an earthquake. This morning I looked … Continue reading

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Feeling hopeful

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All wet… again

When we were either 16 or 17 — I really can’t remember — our high school youth group took a trip to Magic Mountain. Even though I forget whether it was my senior or junior year, I do remember that … Continue reading

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Babies, babies everywhere

Last April, just after we moved to Fremont, I was in Target and ran into one of the nurse practitioners from Max’s pediatrician’s office. I knew she had three kids: two elementary school-age boys, and a daughter. She had her … Continue reading

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Today I called two people at the moment they were calling me. The first one was Max’s swimming teacher who is going to babysit for him tomorrow for the first time. She was dialing my number as my call came … Continue reading

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Joanie and Lulu

Recently, my cousin-in-law Joanie and her chocolate Lab, Lulu, competed in their first Agility Trial. Joanie was hoping Lulu would just make it through. She not only made it through, she exceeded Joanieā€™s expectations. Joanie explained to me that the … Continue reading

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