People I saw

(Originally posted July 2007)

Yesterday on the way to the gym I saw some funny people:

  • Fist I saw a guy running who looked like Eddie Murphy doing a parody of sprinter Michael Johnson. He had on a tight-fitting running ensemble, and was running in a very over-exaggerated manner.
  • Next, I saw a guy walking. He was swaying back and forth so that his shoulder-length blond hair-band hair swished from side to side. Then I realized he was playing air guitar as he walked.
  • Then, in the gym parking lot, there was a guy leaving the gym, listening to his iPod, trying to look very cool. It quickly became obvious, though, that he had no idea where his car was.

Then I was reminded of a time in high school when my friend Liz and I could not find my giant green station wagon in the Santa Maria Mall parking lot. Not quite a Seinfeld episode, but we had to look for a while.

I told this to Sheldon, my trainer, and he told me about a time when they were repaving the parking lots one by one at the auto plant where he used to work. Each parking lot had it’s own door into the building, and people being creatures of habit, always parked in the same lot and came in the same door.  During the repaving, people would have to park in other lots and go in different doors. He said every day after work was like a comedy show watching people trying to find their cars.

I love people!

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