Purr, knead, suck… all at once

(Originally posted July 2007)

If you’ve ever had a cat, you know they can be quirky. Our 9-month old kitten, Madison, is just that, and then some. She infuriates us and cracks us up several times every day.

MadescapeShe’s kind of a jokester in that she’ll lie in wait and then ambush your feet when you walk by — sometimes it’s a full-on attack, sometimes she just touches you with her paw. She’s constantly trying to escape. We’ll wake up in the morning and then see her out the window.  After canvassing the house, we’ll find the corner of the screen in the office slightly pushed out. And as much as she likes to get out, she comes when I call her back in. One time Cris took her off the dining room window screen and it an attempt to avoid being put on the floor, she grabbed onto the back of a chair and held on for dear life.Madsuck1_2Madsuck2_2

Anyway, the funniest thing she does is what we call the Nightly Suck or the Purr, Knead, Suck. Out cats have little fleece blankets they sleep on on our bed. Every night she sucks on one of them while kneading it and purring. It’s probably best captured on video, but that’s more energy I want to put into this post, so the pictures will have to suffice.

“She puts the Mad back in Madison,” Cris often says in his best Homer Simpson voice.


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