Love this

I can’t believe I’m going to sully this blog with the name Paris Hilton, but this story is worth conveying, since it didn’t make news.

As a former journailst, I was appalled at the amount of coverage supposedly reputable publications like the New York Times gave the “Paris Hilton Goes to Jail” story. I was sickened by the fact that the big networks were so bent on being the first one to interview her upon her release that they offered stupid amounts of money for that right. I had heard that NBC won the bidding war, so I was puzzled when I saw that it was Larry King who interviewed her.

Needless to say, I was very relieved to hear how things actually played out. Friday on “The View,” (Yes, I watch occasionally, and it seems when I do, something big happens.) Barabra Walters told this story:

The Hilton family was taking bids for the interview. Barbara, with ABC’s backing, submitted a modest bid. NBC blew them out of the water. The Hiltons called Barbara and said that they knew they owed her, but that they were going to take the big money deal. NBC got the interview. But then apparently they felt slimy about it and backed out. Barbara was no longer interested. So, Larry King stepped in and said he’d interview her for free. And that’s what happened. NO MONEY CHANGED HANDS.

Apparently sometimes things do go right in this world.

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