Well, they’re trying

(Originally posted July 2007)

The decision-makers at Safeway, God love ’em, are trying. To compete with stores like Trader Joe’s, who offers reusable grocery bags for 99 cents and two types of insulated bages for $1.99 and $4.99, Safeway offers mesh shopping bags for 99 cents. So, I thought I’d help them in their efforts and buy one instead of bringing my TJ’s bags in.

The killer is they’re wrapped in plastic. As the checker scanned my bag, she asked if I’d like to use it for my current purchase. I said “yes” and added with a grin: “It’s a little counter-productive to wrap them in plastic…”

She cracked up and looked at it with mystified wonder. “They didn’t used to be wrapped in plastic.”

Then she tried to open it. Apparently they used Fort Knox plastic, because it took quite an effort to get it open. She had to resort to scissors.

While I believe that every effort counts, I really do hope they get rid of the plastic wrap.

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