iPhone mania

Like many Apple fans, my friend Doug was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPhone. Here’s the story of how perseverence paid off and he managed to get one:

“OK, so when it was unveiled at MacWorld in January, I wanted one, big time. So I “saved” money from my tax return for it (which really means I put it toward my credit card so I could eventually charge an iPhone on it later). So Roger and I were on that cruise when it came out on June 29th, so I vowed I’d get one as soon as I got back.

Of course, it was sold out wherever I called.

There are four AT&T stores near my work, so I just kept calling them.

By Wednesday, with everything sold out, I just decided to order one online and let it come when it came… but there’s a four-week waiting period.

On Thursday, I decided — one last time — to call the four AT&T stores by my work. The first three were stillĀ  sold out.

The fourth one — which is the farthest from my office — had one left. They said they wouldn’t hold it for me.

So I ran to the car. Ida, our Intranet goddess, came with me, and showed me a “shortcut” to the place. It ended up being nothing but stop signs and went straight through the ghetto, where everyone insisted on driving no faster than 10 mph. So a trip that should have taken 10 minutes, took about 25.

End of story, they still had it, I got it, and I love it.”

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