Those darned consonants

So, my sister’s 2-1/2-year-old daughter, Makayla (or Kay-Kay, as Max calls her), has a little trouble saying the word truck. It’s unfortunate, too, because she was born into a truck family. Mom has one, Dad has one, Dad drives one while at work, Grandpa has one. And they live in an agricultural area — lots of trucks!

Anyway, when she opens her pretty little mouth (she’s the only one in the family with a top lip) to say truck, she channels a longshoreman. It’s clear as a bell. Someday we’ll have to tell her why we all laughed every time she said truck.

Some times her Ps sound like Bs, as well. So, imagine my sister’s confusion when, from the backseat, Makayla pointed out a dump truck. Jennifer didn’t know whether Makayla was referring to the big yellow truck next to them or calling her names.

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