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Another first

(Originally posted July 2007) Last week I did something for the first time again. Although this one I’m not proud of. I walked smack into the glass door. There, I admitted it. And I didn’t have to, I was home … Continue reading

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A message from… well, you have to read it

My friend Angie has dealt with a lot in her life. And she’s always done it with grace and style. And she hasn’t become jaded — when yet another sad thing happens to yet another person she loves, she’s still … Continue reading

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People I saw

(Originally posted July 2007) Yesterday on the way to the gym I saw some funny people: Fist I saw a guy running who looked like Eddie Murphy doing a parody of sprinter Michael Johnson. He had on a tight-fitting running … Continue reading

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Purr, knead, suck… all at once

(Originally posted July 2007) If you’ve ever┬áhad a cat, you know they can be quirky. Our 9-month old kitten, Madison, is just that, and then some. She infuriates us and cracks us up several times every day. She’s kind of … Continue reading

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My brother the marathoner

(Originally posted July 2007) Last fall my brother ran a marathon. And while I don’t understand the need to push your body to that limit, I am very proud of him. And when he found himself jealous of the runners … Continue reading

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Love this

I can’t believe I’m going to sully this blog with the name Paris Hilton, but this story is worth conveying, since it didn’t make news. As a former journailst, I was appalled at the amount of coverage supposedly reputable publications … Continue reading

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Matter of taste

(Originally posted July 2007) Max pretty much likes any music I play in the car. And when I say pretty much, I mean that he’s getting a little opinionated. He’ll holler if he doesn’t like a song that comes on, … Continue reading

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