Nilda’s lasagna

Cris and I celebrated our 9th anniversary and our birthdays last weekend by spending a couple of days in Half Moon Bay. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a lovely little coastal town near San Francisco.

We at a restaurant called Pasta Moon. The lady in the kitchen store where we bought this really cool universal lid sent us there. She said everything was homemade and delicious. She was right.

Cris ordered Nilda’s Lasagna and when it arrived I instantly had entree envy. Even though I ordered one of my favorite dishes — butternut squash raviolis — my mouth watered when I looked at his 7″x7″x5″ piece of lasagna. There must have been a zillion layers of very thin pasta with just the right amount of sauce and sausage in between. It was a work of art. I took a bite before I even tasted mine. Big mistake. I didn’t even want mine any more. Ever generous, Cris allowed me to continue pilfering bites.

When the waiter checked on us, we raved. He told us that Nilda was a woman who had worked at the restaurant forever — this was her recipe. Everyone who ordered it loved it, he said.

Then he added “I used to date Nilda’s daughter. She was a mean lady…”

Footnote: Cris and I agreed that the waiter reminded us of someone. We just can’t think of who…

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