It turns out you can accidentally crash your own class reunion

(Originally posted May 2007)

Last September I attended my 20-year high school reunion. This was my first reunion. It was Labor Day weekend. There was a picnic in the afternoon and a party that evening. OK, I know, boring so far.

I had wondered if Jodi was going to be there. I hadn’t seen her name on any lists, but you never know.

About halfway through the picnic, Jodi and her husband (who had graduated a year ahead of us) and their three sons came walking up. She looked as surprised to see us as we were to see her. Yes, surprised. She and her family were visiting for the long weekend and were out for a walk. They saw the purple and gold balloons and stopped to see if they knew anyone. She had no idea that it was her own class reunion.

So, now I have two funny stories about Jodi.

The first one happened during our senior year. We sat together in chemistry class and bonded over our military boyfriends. Hers (now her husband) had graduated the year before and was attending Annapolis as a Marine. Mine (not my husband, although we were engaged for a bit) had graduated a different high school two years before and was in the Army in New Jersey. We both had had crushes on them forever before dating them. We both were expecting them for the prom, although we didn’t know which day.

So, we’re sitting there in chemistry one day and in walks Jodi’s boyfriend. He goes over and hands a note to our teacher (he was the coolest teacher, btw), who tells Jodi that she’s excused from class. She calmly collects her stuff and walks out with him. The door is barely closed when we all heard her books hit the ground. Even the teacher had to giggle.

Addendum: In case you’re curious, my boyfriend surprised me a couple days later at Track practice. Unlike our chemistry teacher, the coach couldn’t appreciate a romantic moment. As I ran up the bleachers he yelled at me to get back down there or I’d be off the team, even as people tried to explain to him what was going on. Oh well, I’m guessing that coach is still single!

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